Unveiling Paradise: DAY ONE Shores Company's Grand Debut at The Collective Trade Show in Huntington Beach

Unveiling Paradise: DAY ONE Shores Company's Grand Debut at The Collective Trade Show in Huntington Beach

The sun-kissed shores of Huntington Beach are about to witness a wave of luxury as Shores Company proudly announces its debut at The Collective Trade Show on January 16-17. As the vibrant heartbeat of the beachwear industry, The Collective sets the stage for Shores Company to unveil its latest treasures – the Resort Essentials and Aroma Collection.

Day 1: Immersive Resort Essentials Showcase

Step into a world where style meets comfort, where every piece is a celebration of the sun, sand, and sea. Shores Company's Resort Essentials range is set to redefine beach fashion with its versatile one-size fits all designs. From breezy cover-ups that effortlessly transition from beach to bar, to statement beach dresses that exude elegance, each piece is a testament to inclusivity and sophistication.

The collection boasts a unique blend of Hawaiian and Balinese influences, reflecting the brand's commitment to authenticity. Made with care in the heart of paradise, the Resort Essentials not only elevate your style but also embrace you in the comfort of luxurious fabrics that feel like a second skin.

Aromas that Transcend Boundaries

Prepare to be transported to the tropics with the launch of Shores Company's signature Aroma Collection. Five captivating scents inspired by the lush landscapes of Hawaii and the serene beauty of Bali. The fragrances, including Island Bohemia, Coffea Flores , Windswept, and more, we promise to envelop you in the essence of paradise.

Crafted with precision, each aroma is designed to complement the Resort Essentials range. Whether you're strolling along the shoreline or enjoying a sunset soiree, these scents are your ticket to an immersive sensory experience. Unwind and let the Aroma Collection become an integral part of your resort lifestyle.

Why Shores Company at The Collective is a Must-Visit:

  1. Authenticity in Every Stitch: Shores Company takes pride in crafting garments that embody the spirit of the destinations they draw inspiration from – Hawaii and Bali.

  2. One Size Fits All Revolution: Experience fashion without limits. The Resort Essentials one-size range is a game-changer, ensuring that every body type feels confident and stylish.

  3. Sensory Bliss with Aroma Collection: Elevate your resort experience with scents that transport you to the serene beaches of Hawaii, Tahiti and Bali. The Aroma Collection is a fusion of luxury and escapism.

  4. Exclusive Show Offers: Be the first to experience Shores Company's Resort Essentials and Aroma Collection with exclusive show discounts and promotions. Your beach wardrobe is about to get a serious upgrade!

Visit Shores Company's booth #364 at The Collective Trade Show, and join us on this journey of redefining resort wear. Embrace the sun, sea, and style like never before.

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