Shores Company's journey began in 2005, sparked by a transformative summer visit to Tahiti. Inspired by the beauty and culture she encountered during her travels, Tawnya embarked on a mission to create handcrafted products that reflected the essence of paradise. From a humble coastal bungalow kitchen, Shores Company was born.

With a few moves between the mainland and Hawaii, Tawnya's heart led her back to Oahu in 2021, where she fulfilled her dream of opening a perfume and candle studio on the island's North Shore. Committed to ethical practices, all of Shores Company's products and ingredients are sustainably sourced from trusted partnerships built over the years. 90% Hawaii 10% Bali meticulously hand poured and sewn in small batches right here in Haleiwa, ensuring quality over quantity.

Named after her late grandfather, Michael Burke Shores, the company is deeply rooted in family heritage. Tawnya draws inspiration from her memories spent with her grandfather, whether it was building in his workshop or exploring the open ocean together. These experiences, combined with her passion for travel and exploration, inform the brand's ethos and drive its commitment to craftsmanship and culture.

Born and raised in the coastal town of Leucadia, California, Tawnya's upbringing in a creative environment shaped her vision for Shores Company. Moving to Oahu in 2007 further fueled her love for natural beauty, slow living, and handcrafted goods. Her attention to detail and dedication to preserving the simple pleasures of island life are evident in every fragrance and product she creates.

Today, Tawnya resides on Oahu's North Shore, where she continues to draw inspiration from the sun-soaked beaches and tropical destinations she's explored around the globe. With a private studio opened in June 2021, she remains committed to her craft, pouring her heart and soul into each product that bears the Shores Company name.